EU-funded project “Support to Ukraine in approximation of the EU environmental acquis” started beginning of October 2015. This project is focusing on support to the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources and other institutions responsible for implementation of environmental requirements under the Association Agreement’s Chapter 6 “Environment”. Particularly the Project will focus on three areas — horizontal, water and nature management. Besides legal assistance to the MENR in drafting laws and bylaws, the project will work on raising MENR’s and other stakeholders capacity and public awareness.

Quite large number of stakeholders is involved into the Project activities. We do have various mechanisms how we cooperate with them. But the Project is aiming not only for the open dialog with all main stakeholders. We aim to also providing information for the broader public on planning and implementation of EU environmental requirements in EU Member States and Ukraine, activities we implement and results we achieve. The web site will also serve as our tool when looking for experts to support the Project implementation.

Starting today, we are committed to grow providing up-to-date information on the Project activities. Also we would be happy to receive any feedback on how we are performing as well as any suggestions users of the page may have.

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